Andrew Bernstein continues to redefine the capacity of the modern interdisciplinary musician, exploring the intersections of ecstatic live ritual and academic electronic music. As a member of rock polymaths Horse Lords, Bernstein guides the band's intricate arrangements through African-inspired percussion patterns, and intensifies their busy harmonic frameworks with torrents of cyclical saxophone melody. His solo music contextualizes these impulses into discrete pieces informed by the contemporary classical, minimalist, and avant-garde traditions. Bernstein sets his systems into motion and steers his fields of sound through a combination of intuitive improvised tactics and rule-based conditions. His sessions unfold over extended durations into dynamic structures dotted with climaxes and sudden shifts in timbre, texture, and rhythm. As he pursues one ideal of mathematic precision, his predilection for the forces of controlled randomness and spontaneous composition spark his pieces into unpredictable new configurations with each subsequent performance.